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Current W. Perna Guitars (1986-2005), Bass (2006-present) Murillo Leite Guitars, Vocals (1992-present) See also: ex-Apoleon, ex-The Cellts, ex-Mastiff Wellington Simões Guitars (2019-present) See also: ex-Nervochaos, ex-Reffugo Niko Teixeira Drums (2020-present) See also: Amantikir, Tormentor Bestial, Corpse ov Christ (live), ex-Head Krusher, ex-Monstrath, ex-Espera XIII Past Alexandre Drums Marcelo Drums Juma Drums See also: ex-The Cellts Dennis Decurion Guitars (?-2012) See also: ex-Wombat, ex-Reviolence, ex-Are You God?, ex-Mastiff Paulo Gustavo Guitars See also: Kraftvøid, ex-Shadows Emperor, ex-GS Truds Marcão Bass, Vocals (1986-?) See also: Amazarak Zé Galinha Drums (1986-?) See also: Zé Galinha Company Norberto Drums (1986) Nivaldo Guitars (1986) Emerson Favero Vocals (1986) See also: ex-Batrock, General Surgery, ex-Viper, ex-Vodu Daniel Bass (1994-?) (R.I.P. 2010) See also: ex-The Cellts Fábio Moysés Drums (2006-2011) See also: Chaosfear, Insanitah, ex-Apoleon, ex-Pigmachine, ex-Mastiff Patrick Leung Drums (2011-2012) See also: ex-Scars, ex-Brain Death, ex-Aggression Tales João Gobo Drums (2012-2018) See also: Arum, Darkness in Flames, Scars, Eternal Malediction, ex-Hevilan Rafael Orsi Guitars (2012-2019) See also: Darkness in Flames, Reffugo, A Caverna, The Anger, ex-Invaders Gil Oliveira “Necromesis” Drums (2018-2019) See also: Ayin, Infected Sphere (live), ex-Necromesis, ex-Guillotine César Leite Drums (2019-2020)



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